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The Apollon Palace Hotel  with a sense of responsibility towards customers, staff and other partners has taken the following steps:

- We have appointed a coordinator to oversee the implementation of the action plan against Covid-19 and individual managers per department to comply with health protocols.

- We provide all staff with the necessary Personal Protection Measures and measure them daily before the start of their work.

- We have placed antiseptics in all public areas as well as individual bottles in each room

- We have properly configured the reception area with the addition of floor markings to delimit the distance between customers to avoid overcrowding.

- Disinfect room keys before and after each use.

- We changed the check-in, check-out times to 15:00 and 11:00 respectively in order to better clean - ventilate the rooms before the next use.

- We forbid non-residents to enter the rooms.

- We adhere to the program of cleaning and disinfection of common areas - rooms as defined by the relevant circular of the Ministry of Health

- We have enhanced cleanliness in all public areas and especially in "high risk" items such as door handles, switches.

We observe the rules of hygiene when sorting dirty linen using the appropriate personal protection measures by the staff and we use the appropriate bags to transport them to the washing machine.

- We have fully harmonized with the specifications of cleanliness, distances and other regulations that govern the operation of the swimming pool, gym and spa of our hotel.

In the food sections of our hotel (restaurant, pool bar) we follow the following measures:

- We proceeded to rearrange the workplace according to the instructions of the National Organization of Public Health.

- We provide all personal protection measures to our staff.

- We proceeded to reorganize the outdoor and indoor table seats, based on the indications of the competent bodies.

- We adopt the gradual arrival / departure of employees.

- We support card payment and use contactless transactions where possible. We disinfect the POS between transactions after each use.

- In case the payment is made in cash, we ask the customers to place the money on the counter and not directly in hand.

- We place antiseptics in all public areas and at the counter.

- We place markings for the demarcation of distances in order to avoid the formation of a customer queue.

- We often disinfect the surfaces and objects that are touched most often such as switches, door handles, cabinets.

- Disinfect the menus, placemats, serving trays as well as the table - sunbed after each use.

- We observe the prescribed distances when serving customers.



Apollon Palace
Boutique Hotel Kefalonia

Metaxata, 28 100 Kefalonia

Tel: +30 26710 42004, +30 26710 42022

Mob .: +30 697 2439485



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